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Gay white wedding held at Tokyo Disney

Two lesbians have become the first gay couple to tie the knot at Tokyo Disney Resort, both decked out in fairytale white dresses despite an initial ruling that one had to wear men’s clothes.

"My love Hiroko and I wore wedding dresses and had a mini-parade in DisneySea, a place I also love," Koyuki Higashi, 28, said on Twitter.

"I was really happy!" she said.

The event on Friday was the first homosexual wedding in the popular amusement park even though gay marriage has no legal standing in Japan.

"We may not have a law that applies to us, but when someone congratulates us for the wedding, I will proudly say ‘thank you!’" said Higashi.

The couple first hit the headlines after the theme park initially told them there would be no problem with the ceremony provided they dressed “like a man and a woman”.

A staff member said a same-sex wedding would create “repercussions” among visitors if both brides wore wedding dresses or both grooms donned tuxedoes.

But just few days later the resort operator got back in touch to say their initial response had been wrong and gay couples were free to mix and match their attire.

Higashi posted photos from the celebration on her Twitter site, showing both brides clad in white and accompanied by Mickey and Minnie Mouse.



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