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Janet Jackson & Hubby  Wissam Al Mana Looking Into Adopting A Child From Jordan Or Syria!

Child time for this lady?

Ever since Janet Jackson began dating her now husband Wissam Al Mana - the two have been trying to have a baby.

But when Janet turned 47-years-old, the chances of her getting pregnant became slim to none!

So the two are “quietly” researching other options, and adoption has obviously popped up.

And apparently the singer is looking into adopting a child from Jordan or Syria!

Here’s what a source said:

"She now pretty much knows pregnancy is not in the cards, so she’s been looking into adopting. She’s been very moved by the events in Jordan and Syria now that she’s been living overseas. Not sure how soon it will happen, but there’s been movement on this."

Janet has apparently reached out to Queen Rania of Jordan to help her with the adoption process.

A source said:

"Janet has always been concerned about the welfare of the world’s children, and it’s important to her that she affords a baby the opportunities that have been afforded her."

PAUSE! Why is the lovely couple not adopting children from America, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, etc? Michael Jackson had 3 white kids and now Janet is getting ready to possibly do the same thing. For some reason I can’t picture her with kids but if you have nannies, maids, etc then I can’t imagine it being to hard. LOL. I think an Afro Brazilian child , Caribbean or African American child would be great if they only adopted one child but if they decided to have 2 or 3 any of the above mentioned ethnic groups would be great. Maybe one Seyria, one from Jordan and one black child from any where in the world but specifically African American. No one wants to adopt black children and it could be because the American foster system and the children are so screwed up.  Janet and her man seem like a no drama type of couple.  is Janet afraid her child will be born with the old jackson nose. I think the child would be beautiful especially if its a boy. I can also see them having no more than two kids.

My 2nd question is why no get a surrogate like other celebrity couples? If she is smart she probably had her eggs frozen but wait she wouldn’t do that because her eggs could get stolen? LOL. Its baffling to me how and why they are choosing to adopt when they can get a surrogate? Are the risk for a down syndrome child high with her. Hell, Halle a diabetic just gave birth to a baby boy at 47! 

This article speaks about the love that Janets husband has for her.


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